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Industrial Lighting          more inside


S1538 & S2038


IP Rated Remote Control Gear

Premium T5 Highbay


Transformer          more inside

Energy Saving Lumens Regulator

Detuned Harmonic Circuit Filter Reactor

Power Transformer

Line Reactor

Variable Voltage Transformer


Automotive Battery Charger          more inside

Standby Automatic Battery Charger

Battery Charger / Engine Starter

Battery Bank

Electronic Genset

Automatic Traction Battery Charger


Current Transformer          more inside

Summation Current Transformer

MSQ Series

Current Transformer - Ring Type Series (PVC Insulated)

MBQ Series


Automatic Voltage Stabilizer          more inside

V-Series Automatic Voltage Stabilizer / Power Line Conditioner

S-Series Automatic Voltage Stabilizer / Power Line Conditioner

Energy Saving Lumens Regulator


Commercial Lighting          more inside

KR Series

Troffer Series

IR Series

FA Series

TE Series


Outdoor Commercial Lighting          more inside

Elano W100201 & W100202 & W100203

Galileo L130706

Brentano B140802

Galileo L130701



LEDXION Lighting          more inside

LEDXION K01125 LED Surface Downlight with AC Cube by OSRAM

Solar Powered 21W & 30W LED Street Lantern with Dimming System

LEDXION Miniature Series 20W, 40W & 60W LED Floodlight

LEDXION K01119 25W LED Downlight

LEDXION K10116 20W & 40W LED Wall Washer


NIKKON Lamp          more inside

High Pressure Mercury Vapor

Energy Saving Lamp

G12 Metal Halide

Elliptical Coated Metal Halide

Double Ended Metal Halide


NIKKON LED Bulb          more inside

NIKKON LED Snowball & PAR30


Solar          more inside