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S-Series Automatic Voltage Stabilizer / Power Line Conditioner


S-Series Automatic Voltage Stabilizer / Power Line Conditioner

Voltage Fluctuation

In the real world power line voltage occurs frequently especially in industrial area. Every electrical equipments and devices do have a working voltage limit / tolerance. Some equipment are build to tolerate ±10% of norminal voltage whie others ±5% or less depending on sensitivity. 



The correct operation of electrical and electronic equipment depends on the voltage accuracy and stability. In the event of long time over voltage, it will lead to damage of the equipment; while long time under voltage will cause malfunction and computation errors of the electrical and electronic equipment.



Installing QPS Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (AVS) or power line conditioner will ensure the continuity and quality of production.

Input voltage variation from:

  • Single Phase : 230V ± 15%
  • Three Phase : 415V ± 15% + Neutral (3 phase 4 wire)
  • - Excellent output voltage accuracy of within ±1.5% set value.
  • - Regulation correction time approximately 0.05 ~ 0.07 sec per    volt.
  • - Minimum maintenance due to its simplicity in design.
  • - Easy installation.
  • - Tailor made to special voltages and configuration for example, three phase voltage without neutral or for outdoor configurations.

QPS Servo - Motor Automatic Voltage Stabilizer provides a continuous monitoring of the output voltage (true RMS sensing) by means of an electronic Control Circuit that compares the instantaneous output voltage with the set value. When changes are detected due to fluctuation of supply voltage or sudden changes in load, an electrical signal will be transmitted to the servo – motor which is coupled onto the brush gear of the variable transformer, causes the brush gear to rotate until the appropriate voltage is restored. This method of stabilization does not create interference or harmonic to the supply system. QPS Three phase Automatic Volltage Stabilizers also designed to cater for unbalanced load. This made possible with its independent phase monitoring system.


QPS Automatic Volltage Stabilizers offer high quality performance at competitive prices. They solve voltage unstable problems and increase productivity.


Power Line Conditioner

QPS power line conditioner (PLC) is a AVS with the inclusion of a shielded isolation transformer.



· CNC Wire - Cut / EDM · Broadcasting Equipment

· CNC Drilling Machine · Photographic Processing Equipment

· CNC Milling Machine  · Photocopy Machine

· X - Ray Equipment · Test Equipment

· Industrial Robots · Computers

· Communication System · Medical Equipment

· PLC Equipment  · Lab Equipment


Standard Features

  • . Over current circuit breaker
  • . Analog voltmeter
  • . Phase indicator lamps
  • . Phase selector switch for voltmeter (for three phase only)


Optional Features

  • . Surge protection device (SPD)
  • . Over current protection (for model above 150KVA)
  • . Phase loss / phase sequence monitoring (3 phase model)
  • . Automatic output delay on system
  • . Manual bypass switch


Single Phase Standard Fittings

Single Phase Models

  • Standard fittings come with phase pilot lamp, over current breaker and voltmeter with selector switch.

Input Termination

  • Power cord c/w 13A BS 3 pin plug – (model 1KVA , 2KVA & 3KVA)
  • Power cord c/w 15A BS 3 pin plug – (model 4KVA)
  • Terminal block for hardwire – model 5KVA ~ 30KVA

Output Termination

  • 13A BS 3 pin socket – (model 1KVA ~ 15KVA)
  • Terminal block for hardwire – (model 3KVA ~ 30KVA)


Three Phase Standard Fittings

  • Over current breaker – (model 3KVA ~ 150KVA)
  • Phase selector switch for output voltmeter – (model 3KVA ~ 15KVA)
  • Phase selector switch for input & output voltmeter – (model 20KVA ~ 50KVA)
  • Phase selector switch for output voltmeter & ammeter – (model 60KVA ~ 200KVA)
  • Phase selector switch for input, output voltmeter & output ammeter – (model 250KVA ~ 1000KVA)
  • Phase indicator lamps (output)
  • Input & output terminal block (model 3KVA ~ 150KV



Remarks: Please download Product Brochure for more details.

Remarks: The information in the catalog may vary depending upon the national requirements of exporting countries.


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S-Series Automatic Voltage Stabilizer / Power Line Conditioner S-Series Automatic Voltage Stabilizer / Power Line Conditioner S-Series Automatic Voltage Stabilizer / Power Line Conditioner S-Series Automatic Voltage Stabilizer / Power Line Conditioner



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