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Battery Charger / Engine Starter


Battery Charger / Engine Starter


  • A mobile Starter / Charger designed for the garage and fleet operator with modern-style metal casing.
  • Used as slow & fast charging, and booster purposes.
  • Equipped with timer for fast charging and auto stop purposes.
  • Selectable battery voltage range control. (12V & 24V)
  • Input and output breaker protection.
  • Variable and adjustable charging current control.
  • Fitted with rubber-tire wheels and handle for instant mobility.
  • Built-in MCB against overloads and polarity inversion.
  • Selectable charging current control.
  • Robust in design and maintenance free.
  • Easy to operate, reliable and economical.


  • STM 2460
  • SMART 450

Remarks: Please download Product Brochure for more details.

Remarks: The information in the catalog may vary depending upon the national requirements of exporting countries.


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Product Brochure - Battery Charger_Engine Starter.pdf (843 KB)


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