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Constant Current Battery Charger


Constant Current Battery Charger

SUPER-LITE  Constant Current Battery Charger is a  fully automated constant current charger designed for charging high volume lead acid batteries. Charging current can be adjusted easily from 0 to 30A to provide the most suitable combination of charging current accordingly.

Due to its unique design, charging of batteries having different voltages is possible by simply connecting the batteries in series without exceeding the rated maximum DC voltage of the charger. To increase the quantity of batteries per charge, parallel connection as groups of batteries is allowed. A charging timer is incorporated to provide presetting of charging time. The systems will shutdown once the preset time is reached.

SUPER-LITE constant current battery charger is very economical, easy to operate and maintenance free. It is most suitable for battery manufacturing industries and workshops.


  • STM15015
  • STM15030

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Constant Current Battery Charger



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