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Automotive Battery Charger


Automotive Battery Charger

SUPER-LITE Lead Acid Battery Chargers are designed to cater for high volume battery charging up to 9 pieces of 12V battery or 18 pieces of 6V battery connected in series. This is made possible with the use of multiple voltage and current selections to provide various combinations of charging conditions to suit individual requirement. 

They are supplied in heavy gauge steel casing complete with epoxy powder coated finishing and come in two different designs of fixed and multiple voltage / current selections.


  • STM1205
  • STM1210
  • STM2410
  • STM2420
  • STM4810
  • STM4820
  • STM9610
  • STM10810
  • SE715
  • SE915

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STM 1205 SE2410 SE 220 SE10810 SE915



Product Brochure - Automotive Lead Acid Battery Charger.pdf (1,611 KB)


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