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Car Battery & Alternator Checker


Car Battery & Alternator Checker

QPS®  Battery & Alternator Checker is a technologically advance, highly effective and safe system to be used to determine the functional state of 12Vdc car battery and alternator. It emits no heat and utilizes very low current.

It is an advantage to avoid car breakdown due to unforeseen matters caused by unstable battery or faulty alternator. The checker will alert the driver on battery and alternator status once engine starts.


  1. D.I.Y, compact and easy for installation.
  2. No heat and no spark.
  3. Comes with easy to follow instruction manual.
  4. Can determine:
    - Electrolyte Level low
    - Poor contact caused by terminal oxidation
    - Loose terminal
    - Plate / Cell deteriorated
    - Charging system unstable
      ( Under or over Voltage / Belt Loose) 

Technical Specification:


VBC - 45

VBC - 75

Battery - Voltage


Capacity Range


50-75 AH

Operating Temperature


Operating Current

Max. 0.1Adc

Dimension(W x H x D)mm

58 x 150 x 92 mm



Remarks: Please download Product Brochure for more details.

Remarks: The information in the catalog may vary depending upon the national requirements of exporting countries. 


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Car Battery & Alternator Checker



29C20-01 QPS Car battery and alternator checker_ENG.pdf (3,578 KB)

29C20-01 QPS Car battery and alternator checker CHI.pdf (1,167 KB)


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