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Mobile Automotive Power Checker


Mobile Automotive Power Checker


A modern technology, low cost and highly effective intelligent checker. Using advance electronic controlled circuit and it is a safe, heatless system to be used to determine the functional state of the battery without using high resistive load test like the conventional method. It can provide a continuous check for many cycles without to deteriorate or degrade the battery under test.


  1. Easy to handle or use without complicated instruction and accurate assessment of the battery condition.
  2. LED display screen with clearer and brighter straightforward results.
  3. Maintenance free, do not require any internal battery.
  4. Reliable and safe with built in reverse polarity protection system.
  5. DIY, compact and portable.
  6. No heat and no spark.
  7. 12 months warranty.
  8. Comes with easy to follow instruction manual.
  9. Can determine:-
    - Electrolyte Level low
    - Poor Contact caused By Terminal Oxidation
    - Loose Terminal
    - Plate / Cell Deteriorated
    - Charging System Unstable:
      Under Or Over Voltage /Belt Loose


Award winner gold medalist for “I.TEX 2000”.
Award winner silver medalist for gene've “SALON INTERNATIONAL DES INVENTION 2001”

Technical Specification:

Operating Voltage

12 - 16vdc

Operating Current

Max. 0.1Adc

Environment Operation

0 to 50C, 90% Relative Humidity, Non-condensing

Storage Temperature

- 15 to 60C


L(211) x W(113) x T(35) mm


0.306 kg

Case Color Options

Black or Green

Warranty Period

12 Months

Measurement Range

12V Only

30 to 75Ah

Remarks: Please download Product Brochure for more details.

Remarks: The information in the catalog may vary depending upon the national requirements of exporting countries.




08B20-01 Mobile Automotive Power Checker.pdf (5,139 KB)


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