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Power Transformer

A transformer is a device that transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another through inductively coupled electrical conductors without changing its frequency. A changing current in the primary circuit creates a changing magnetic field which induces a changing voltage in the secondary circuit and the changing magnetic field also induces an electromotive force (EMF) across each winding. The primary EMF, acting as it does in opposition to the primary voltage, is sometimes termed the "back EMF". By appropriate selection of the numbers of turns, a transformer thus allows an alternating voltage to be stepped up or stepped down.         

Energy losses vary with load current, and may be expressed as "no-load" or "full-load" loss. Winding resistance dominates load losses, whereas hysteresis and eddy currents losses contribute to over 99% of the no-load loss.


Standard Compliance
IEC 60076
EN 61558


Primary/Secondary Voltage Range
Up to 1000V

Single Phase 50VA ~ 100KVA
Three Phase Up to 50VA ~2000KVA

Winding Material
Copper or aluminium
Polyester enamelled wire 155°C (Class F) & 180°C(Class H)
Fiberglass wire 180°C (Class H)

Silicon Steel
Good quality, non grained oriented and low loss grained oriented silicon steel.

High grade polyester varnish

Insulation Class
Class A,B,F and H

Air Cool, dry type louvre
Ventilation fan cooling

Ambient Temperature
Maximum ambient temperature 40°C

Metal enclosure protection class
Standard IP21( other protection class is available upon request.)

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