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Suria Wall Light S1070


Suria Wall Light S1070


Body is made of die-cast aluminium. The diffuser is made of clear injection moulded polycarbonate with computer designed internal prism to provide a uniform light distribution in all directions. Via stainless steel screws system, the diffuser can be opened, but remains hinged on the body. The reflector is made of high purity anodized aluminium in order to maximize light output and efficiency.

Technical Data

  • Ingress protection
  • Voltage
    220-240 Vac 50/60Hz
  • Lamp Type
    CFL lamp & HID lamp


  • Parking lot
  • Shopping center
  • Parks
  • Exterior wall of building and any commercial of architectural walls

Order Codes


 Lamp Type

 Lamp holder

 Ordering code


 Empty body



 S1070 MH70W




 S1070 HPS  70W




 S1070 HPMV  80W




 S1070 HPMV  125W




 S1070 CFL 2 X  26W




 S1070 CFL 2 X  18W




Note: EB-Empty body. Specification are subject to change without prior notice

Remarks: Please download Product Brochure for more details.

Remarks: The information in the catalog may vary depending upon the national requirements of exporting countries.




Suria Wall Light S1070.pdf (275 KB)


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