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HID Lamp Ballast


HID Lamp Ballast

NIKKON HID LAMP BALLAST is suitable for HID lamp from 70W ~ 2000W. It uses high quality electrical steel and high temperature enamel wires to ensure maximum performance is achieved.


  • Rate Supply Voltage
    220V - 240V / 415V 50/60Hz
  • Max Permissible Temperature Rise (Dt)
    70 ~ 85oC
  • Rated Max Operation Temperature (tw)
  • Insulation Class
    Class F
  • Manufacturing Standard
    IEC 61347-2-9 : 2003
    IEC 61347-1 : 2003
    IEC 60923 : 2008
  • Accreditations and Certifications
    International : CE Marking
    Domestic : SIRAM, TNB, JKR, SESCO


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HID Lamp Ballast.pdf (150 KB)


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