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Emergency Lighting Module (Power Pack)


Emergency Lighting Module (Power Pack)

NIKKON ELM PLCE MODULE is suitable for 8W ~ 26W PLCE lamps. ELM718 MODULE is suitable for 18W & below PLC lamps. ELM - 726 NC MODULE is suitable for 26W & below PLC lamps.

During power failure these modules will immediately switch to emergency mode and the emergency duration is able to last up to 1 ~ 3 hours depending on lamp watt. Once the power is restored the Power Pack unit will returns to charging mode. Battery fully recharges within 24 hours. ELM Power Pack completes with solid state overcharge protection circuitry which provides higher reliability. The modules also complete with built in low voltage cut - off to protect battery from over discharging.




  • Installation
    Install in minutes. No special hardware or tools is required
  • Battery unit
    Overcharge protection provided by circuit charger for extended battery life.
    Long life sealed lead acid battery / Nickel - Cadmium battery.
  • Housing
    Cold rolled steel complete with epoxy powder coated paint
  • Manufacturing standard
    MS 619 : Part :102 : SECT 102.22 1985 (P)


Technical Data:

Voltage : 220 - 240 Vac 50Hz

Battery Life : 500 cycles on standby

Charging Time : 24 hours after installation or emergency used 



Order Code:


 Lamp Type 

Emergency Durations

Battery Rating

Weight (kg)


PLCE 18W & Below

1 ~ 3 hours

6V 4.5AH sealed lead acid


ELM718 (PLC)

PLC 18W & Below

2 ~ 3 hours

6V 4.5AH sealed lead acid


ELM 726 NC (PLC) (Nickel  - Cadmium)

PLC 26W & Below

1 ~ 3 hours

6V 4.0AH Nickel Cadmium


Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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