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LEDXION Plant Growth Series 30W LED Module


LEDXION Plant Growth Series 30W LED Module

LED Technical Data



      • General purpose & high efficiency

       • Suitable for a variety of plant species throughout their                              growth cycle

      • Contains a high proportion of red light, which spurs                                 photosynthesis

      • Highest photon yield efficacy

      • Recommended for applications with a tight electrical energy budget


      • Best for germination & flowering

      • Produces the fastest germination for plant species whose germination requires light

      • Gives the best flowering results

      • Recommended for use in germination chambers and flower production


      • Best for vegetative growth

      • Has an enhanced blue region

      • Provides the fastest vegetative growth results

      • The increased blue content reduces plant height

      • Improving plant appearance & space utilization

      • Recommended for the production of leafy green vegetables


      • Best for Seedlings

      • Has the highest blue content

      • Produces stocky plants with short internodal distances

      • Highly desirable at the seedling stage

      • Recommended for growing seedlings prior to transplantation

Luminaire Technical Data

  • LED light source:

           14 LUMILEDS LUXEON Rebel ES Colour Portfolio

  • Housing Material:

           Cold roll steel with durable polyester epoxy powder coating

  • Operating Temperature:


  • Power Supply:

            220 ~ 240 Vac 50/60 Hz

            Constant Current : 700mA

  • Max System Power Consumption:


  • Insulation Classification:

            Class II

  • Ingress Protection:

            IP54 (Lamp & Gear Compartments)

  • Nett Weight:

            1.18 kg

  • Order Code:

         30W Plant Growth Miniature LED Module - P1 Spectrum                            (General Purpose, High Efficiency)

          30W Plant Growth Miniature LED Module - P2 Spectrum                            (Best for Germination and Flowering)

          30W Plant Growth Miniature LED Module - P3 Spectrum                            (Best for Vegetative Growth)

          30W Plant Growth Miniature LED Module - P4 Spectrum                            (Best for Seedlings)

*Please indicate color temperature when ordering 

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