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LEDXION S439 Series 30W, 40W & 60W LED Street Lantern


LEDXION S439 Series 30W, 40W & 60W LED Street Lantern

LED Technical Data

Typical luminous flux & efficiency @ 700mA:

280 lm

Max Junction Temperature: 


Color Temperature:

5300K Daylight

 *3000K Warmwhite & 4000K Coolwhite available upon request

LED Life Cycle:

50,000 hrs


Parking Areas

Road Lightings

Residential Areas

Recreation & Public Venue Lightings



LED light source:

1 LED module x 14 LUMILEDS LUXEON Rebel ES (30W)
1 LED module x 18 LUMILEDS LUXEON Rebel ES (40W)

2 LED modules x 14 LUMILEDS LUXEON Rebel ES (60W)

Housing Material:

Die-cast aluminium finished with durable polyester  epoxy powder coating  

Operating Temperature:


Power Supply:

220 ~ 240 Vac 50/60Hz

Constant Current : 700mA

Dimmable : 1-10V, PWM

*Time Control is available upon request 

Surge Protection 

External SPD 10kV, 20kA

Max System Power & Lumen Output:




Total Luminous Flux:

3100 lm - 30W

4050 lm - 40W

6200 lm - 60W

Insulation Classification:

Class I

Ingress Protection:

IP66 (Lamp & Gear Compartments)


Mounting Spigot


*Extended Ø65mm spigot is available upon request

Pole Installation Details (mm)

Pole diameter Ø42-50mm

Nett Weight:


Order Code:

S439 30W-LEDXION K09360 30W

S439 40W-LEDXION K09360 40W

S439 60W-LEDXION K09360 60W


*Please indicate color temperature when ordering


Remarks: Please download Product Brochure for more details.

Remarks: The information in the catalog may vary depending upon the national requirements of exporting countries.


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S439 60W



S439.pdf (940 KB)


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