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Troffer Series


Troffer Series


  • Instant-on/restrike
    The instant-on / instant restrike feature provides immediate illumination and eliminates down time associated with fixture warm-up.
  • Improved color
    The high CRI fluorescent lamps provide improved appearance in the space and perceived higher light level.
  • Better quality of light
    Linear fluorescent provides improved uniformity in the space and reduces shadows.
  • Less sound
    Fluorescent electronic ballasts produce virtually no sound when compared to magnetic HID ballasts.
  • Lumen maintenance
    Fluorescent systems retain 90% of their initial light levels over the rated life of the lamp. Common HID light levels depreciate over 50% of their rated life.
  • Improved lamp life
    Fluorescent systems provide almost twice the rated life of metal halide - reducing lamp replacement cost, labor, and downtime.


  • Housing
    Cold rolled steel epoxy resin powder coating paint.
  • Reflector
    Double parabolic louvre made of high diffused metalized MIRO® 5pure aluminium (AL 99.95).
    High efficient direct wide symmetrical distribution reflector design.
  • Lamp Holder
    G5 lamp holder conforming to EN/VDE standard.
  • Osram Lumilux T5 florescent lamps provide unbeatable amounts of light and save enormous amount of money and electricity


  • Retail Shop
  • School
  • Office

Technical Data: 

  • Control Gear
    Osram QTP5, 1 x 14-35W and 2 x 14-35W 
    Osram QTP5, 1 x 28-35W and 2 x 28-35W 
  • Voltage
    198 ~ 264V 50 / 60Hz 
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Lamp Type
    28W T5 Fluorescent tube
    14W T5 Fluorescent tube
  • Colour of housing
    White (Similar RAL9010) 
  • Ingress Protection
    IP 20

Compliance Standard: 

  • Lamp operation: EN 60929
  • RI suppression: EN 55015:2006+A1:2007
  • Line harmonics: EN 6100-3-2
  • Energy efficiency index: A2
  • Immunity: EN 61547

Order Code:


 No. of    Lamp

 Lamp Type

 Order  Code

 Troffer Fluorescent 1 x  14

 1 x 14W

 14W T5 Fluorescent  tube

 NT 114

 Troffer Fluorescent 2 x  14

 2 x 14W

 14W T5 Fluorescent  tube

 NT 214

 Troffer Fluorescent 1 x  28

 1 x 28W

 28W T5 Fluorescent  tube

 NT 128

 Troffer Fluorescent 2 x  28

 2 x 28W

 28W T5 Fluorescent  tube

 NT 228

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NT228 NT114 NT214 NT128



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